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How to find leads for Cold Email campaigns on LinkedIn Sales Navigator - Tutorial by Ezsales ai

Updated: May 20

Are you looking to supercharge your cold email campaigns? In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and uncover the secrets of finding high-quality leads for your outreach efforts. With the help of real-world examples and practical tips, you'll learn how to harness the power of Sales Navigator to build a targeted list of potential clients effortlessly.

Harnessing the Power of EAS CCI Chrome Extension

The first step in your lead generation journey is to install the EAS CCI Chrome extension, which allows you to seamlessly export potential leads from LinkedIn. This handy tool streamlines the process of gathering valuable prospect data, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your campaign strategy.

Utilizing Filters for Precise Lead Search

With a premium subscription to Sales Navigator, you gain access to powerful filtering options that can fine-tune your search for potential clients. Whether it's refining your search based on job titles, industry, or geographic location, these filters provide the precision you need to target the right audience for your campaign.

Strategies to Overcome Export Limitations

LinkedIn imposes export limitations, but with the right strategies, you can overcome these barriers. Segmenting your results based on company size and strategically selecting companies with a minimum employee count can help you work within the export limitations and maximize your lead generation capabilities.

Efficient Lead Export and Management

Once you've identified and filtered your potential leads, the 'Easy Sales AI' feature comes to your aid, allowing you to swiftly export the refined results for outreach purposes. By strategically choosing and exporting a subset of profiles, you can streamline the processing and management of your leads efficiently.

Optimizing Contact Data Acquisition

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not just about identifying leads but also about acquiring their contact information effectively. With success rates of 50-60% in finding email addresses, Sales Navigator proves to be a potent tool for gathering contact details crucial for your cold email campaigns.

Empowering Lead Creation with AI

Leveraging artificial intelligence, you can streamline the process of crafting and exporting email lists within Sales Navigator. The AI-powered capabilities simplify the creation of targeted emails, enabling you to reach out to potential clients with precision and relevance.


Mastering LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be a game-changer for your cold email campaigns. By employing the right tools, strategies, and tactics, you can build a high-quality list of leads and enhance the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. Unlock the full potential of Sales Navigator and elevate your lead generation game today!

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