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Scrape Leads, Find Contact details, Write AI-Personalized Cold Emails – All in One App

Welcome to the Future of LinkedIn Lead Generation and AI-Powered Email Outreach 🚀

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Product Features


Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraper

Utilize Ezsales AI to effortlessly extract valuable leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Our advanced scraping tools ensure you have access to a wealth of potential clients, ready for engagement.


Find Contact Details with Our Linkedin Email Finder

Say goodbye to inaccurate and outdated contact information. Our LinkedIn Email Finder delves deep to provide you with verified email addresses and phone numbers, boosting your outreach success.


Craft Unique Cold Emails with our AI Email Writer

Stand out in a crowded inbox. Our AI Email Writer crafts personalized, engaging cold emails that capture attention and provoke responses. Revolutionize your email campaigns with our intelligent, AI-driven solutions.



Our AI wrote these personalizations in 3 seconds 

LinkedIn Based Personalization


Hey Alex! I saw on your LinkedIn that you are really into surfing. What's your favorite surfing destination?

Prospect: Alex Levin - CEO

Tweet Based Personalization

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Hey Paul, I saw your tweet about misconceptions around Silicon Valley. I totally agree with you. It's not all about getting rich quick.

Prospect: Paul Newman - Angel Investor

Company Based Personalization

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Hey Bobby, I love how Whereby incorporates chat and live reactions. I think this will make the video conferencing experience much more engaging.

Prospect: Den Rutiz @Whereby

Why Choose Ezsales AI for Your Cold Outreach Strategy?

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Fresh Data from LinkedIn

Access Fresh Leads with Always Updated Information from LinkedIn. Ezsales AI taps into the dynamic world of LinkedIn, offering you the freshest and most relevant leads. Stay ahead of the competition with real-time data at your fingertips.

Accurate LinkedIn Email Finder

High Email Validity and Low Bounce Rate with Built-In Email Verification. Our built-in email verification system ensures high deliverability, significantly reducing bounce rates and increasing the efficacy of your outreach.

Increased Email Reply Rate

Increase Your Response Rate with AI-Personalized Cold Emails. With our AI-powered personalization, your cold emails will resonate more with recipients, leading to higher engagement and response rates. It knows what your leads want and can even write them poems!

Faster AI-enhanced Workflow

Say Goodbye to Outdated Lead Sources and Level Up Your Email Campaigns in 2024. Replace outdated lead generation methods with Ezsales AI's innovative approach. Harness the power of LinkedIn and AI to supercharge your sales strategy.

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Tony Brown

Founder of Mixer


I use cold emails in order to get the majority of my customers. I can’t believe I didn’t find this tool sooner! It writes personalized emails for each recipient so I don’t have to spend time writing dozens of emails by hand. Its sales signals immediately show you what will work best with each individual, saving you time and effort. also gives higher response rates than I ever could by hand.

Ready to Transform Your LinkedIn Lead Generation?
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